1. Quarterly’s hitting refresh!

    You may have noticed a few changes here and there as we focus on what matters most: our dedication to one-of-a-kind connections between you and your favorite cultural influencers. Have a look at the subscriber reactions we’ve compiled below to see those connections in action. We can’t wait to make more of these moments happen with every package we create.

    P.S. Make sure to stick around ‘til the end of the video—we’re offering a pretty sweet perk as a token of our appreciation.


  2. #NOM07: Special Sauce

    Say it with us: “Srirachup.” Ketchup + Sriracha. Srirachup. In the world of dipping sauces, it doesn’t get much better. And the world of dipping sauces is the one we’d like to live in.

    In #NOM07, tech icon and Bay Area foodie Veronica Belmont took subscribers on a tour of all things savory and spicy and tangy. We speak of dips, folks. 

    In addition to the aforementioned concoction of two umami heroes, subscribers pulled in a Bandar Green Mint Cilantro sauce, plus their very own custom clay dipping bowl from Clay Savant in Oakland. The collection of compact edibles was capped off by that charming Rootcup & Planter.

    Want your own noms from Veronica Belmont, plus a taste of tech? Get in starting with #NOM08; it closes soon!


  3. #UCL04: Honest Tools

    As fans of all things tangible here at Quarterly, you can imagine how we feel about sturdy tools. The satisfying heft of a properly made piece of equipment—it can elevate even mundane office gear into something special.

    Great tools also reduce clutter (no need to buy repeats of the same thing). So we loved the 4th box from the Unclutterer team.

    The Umbra Lettro Brushed-Aluminum Letter Organizer got subscribers off on the right uncluttering start. Next up, well, you had us at “Japanese Stapleless Stapler.” This Kokuyo Harinacs model is a marvel, punching arrows rather than metal staples. You’ll never go back to the old way again!

    There were also 2 versions of a stamp: the Trodat Rubber Stamp, which lets you mark a desired action on incoming paper; and the Plus Guard Your ID Advanced Roller Stamp, which blocks out sensitive information like names and addresses.

    In sum: A set of killer tools that, used together, amount to a whole new workflow. Want to get your life in order? Start by signing up for the next box from Unclutterer. Signups close in just a few days!


  4. #GQQ01: Smell Better-Than-Ever

    We love a mailing that takes a specific issue and absolutely solves it. For example, not smelling amazing might be a problem you once had. But if you were one of the wise gentlemen who signed up for GQ’s debut box, it’s quite possible you’ll never smell unterrific again.


    To smell good, you’ve first got to get clean, so the box led with BULGARI’S AQUA AMARA SHAMPOO—it’s spicy, citrusy, invigorating stuff.

    Next up, they did your cologne game a solid—that is, a wax stick of  FULTON & ROARK TYBEE SOLID COLOGNE. As a counterpoint, they also included “a traditional spray-on fragrance (that’s more nontraditional)”: LE FIN DU MONDE BY ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE.

    And while you’re busy applying these things, you can light up one of those SANTA MARIA NOVELLA CARTA D’ARMENIA BURNING PAPERS—because the bathroom itself deserves to smell good too.

    Last up in the box was a mandle for your mantle: the sophisticated  AEDES DE VENUSTAS INDICA CANDLE.

    To up your olfactory game today, grab this mailing at Best of Quarterly! Then sign up for their next surprise box.


  5. Now on Quarterly: Eva Scrivo

    We’re excite to welcome our first hands-on beauty expert to the Quarterly roster! Makeover maven and hair-apist Eva Scrivo has received wide acclaim for her two eponymous salons in New York—and as a consultant, educator, and celebrity stylist. Love a star’s hair? There’s a good chance Eva was involved.


    For Quarterly, Eva will be sending subscribers the best beauty tools and her expert techniques. In her words, “It is the next best thing to being in my chair!”

    #EVA01 will have the theme “backstage beauty,” and will contain all the stuff you need to get a runway look at home. Enticed? Get yours today!


  6. Now on Quarterly: Digg

    Imagine the Internet. Got it? Good. Now imagine the Internet in a cardboard box, delivered to your door. Our newest curator is a little like that.

    Deemed “the homepage of the Internet,” Digg has long been the best resource for the best of the Web—the kind of stuff that gives you conversation topics for days. And with Quarterly, their amazing online curation gets an enticing offline home. 

    In their words, “Each quarter we’ll send you a box of things guaranteed to make you the most interesting person at the party.” So if you want to become more fascinating—or just get fascinated yourself—sign up for Digg’s boxes today!


  7. #HGQ01: Surviving Soles

    The summer can be a whirlwind of travel: far-flung weddings, trips to family vacation spots, and if you’re unlucky, a business trip or three. That made the beginning of the season a perfect time for the first box from Hitha on the Go, whose mailings focus on solving travel dilemmas.

    This time, it was one that’s flummoxed many a formalwear-toting, carry-on-insisting traveler: shoes.


    The headliner was that beautiful Hudson + Bleecker shoe bag at left, which can fit 3 pairs of shoes (Hitha’s max for a trip) and keep shoe gunk off your clothes. Also included were a Spongelle Pedi-Buffer and a 20% off Sole Society coupon. The mailing was capped off with Hitha’s own Shoe Packing Guide—a sort of recipe for suitcase success.

    Are you a frequent flier who wants to travel smarter? Get #HGQ02 before it closes next week.


  8. Now on Quarterly: Alexa PenaVega

    One thing that’s really fun for the Quarterly team is watching the excitement when we launch a new curator. And last week, when Alexa PenaVega tweeted that she was joining our roster, the RTs began rolling in. And kept rolling. Before we knew it, her announcement had been retweeted 129 times. 

    We understand the excitement. An actress and singer, Alexa has starred in Spy Kids, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and the series “Ruby & The Rockits.”

    For Quarterly, she’ll be curating in the Food & Style categories. “Box one is an ode to love and the sweet things in life,” she writes on her curator page. Sound enticing? Sign up before these sell out—and take $5 off with code JUL5OFF, this month only!


  9. Now on Quarterly: Patti Stanger

    As the star of the hit Bravo series “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” Patti Stanger has taught millions about dating and compatibility. And we thought her special skills would make a pretty great, ahem, match for Quarterly boxes. Please welcome Patti to our roster!

    We really like the unique premise of these boxes: lifestyle and beauty items curated to prepare you for the perfect match. Patti’s debut will focus specifically on preparations for that all-important—and ever-tricky—first date.

    Ready to put your next dating adventure in Patti’s capable hands? Sign up for #TMM01 today, and for a limited time, take $5 off using code JUL5OFF.


  10. Now on Quarterly: Amy Levin (College Fashionista)

    We’re doing big things for your fall campus game this summer on Quarterly. Not only did we launch our own "Back to College" box, which will set up you or your favorite dorm resident with great supplies… We just launched College Fashionista, a.k.a. Amy Levin, for all your sartorial needs on the quad.

    On CollegeFashionista.com, Amy covers the latest top campus trends, and now her Quarterly boxes will make those style tips tangible. She’ll be sending her handpicked items for the trendsetting college student——all at the very student-friendly price of just $39 per quarter.

    Ready to hit campus in style this fall? Know someone who wants to? Pick up #CFQ01 now, and take $5 off the box using code JUL5OFF, only through midnight PT tonight.