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#FAR05: Explore More

A serious world traveler always has a sense of pride about his or her passport. With its unique cache of stamps, it’s a living document that tells the story of your wanderings. Doesn’t it deserve to be treated well? Wander thinks so. 

In #FAR05, Keenan and Jeremy sent a beautiful leather passport cover from Rustico. Rugged enough to take a beating, this thing’s just going to get cooler the more years and miles it racks up.

Another way to document your trips? With this nifty travel-sized scratch off map, which lets you tick off your voyages as you take them. And last (but really first) is Keri Smith’s How to Be an Explorer of the World, a great read that will help you rethink your whole approach to travel. 

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#QTT03: The Last Camera

Remember when you had to wait to get photos back from the shop? Back when digital cameras first hit the scene, the instant results felt like a miracle… But don’t you miss the fun of tearing open that envelope to see what you captured?

We’re surprise lovers here at Quarterly, so for our latest Tech & Toys box, we decided to revisit the surprise factor of a classic film camera. 


You’re looking at the so-called Last Camera. It’s a nifty deconstructed camera that you snap together yourself. Fitted with both 22 and 45 mm lenses, it’s a perfect way to revisit the fun of film. 

Speaking of which…we sent you some of the good stuff. That’s classic Arista Premium B&W, which is great for low light and known for its depth of field. 

We had a lot of fun with this one, but then again, we have a lot of fun putting together all #QTT boxes. (C’mon: toys.) For fun products that speak to the kid in all of us, join the Tech & Toys subscription today.

#SBQ04: Eat Right

A self-described “reformed collector turned minimalist object fetishist,” Sean Bonner is all about the fundamentals. The perfect knife. The perfect cup of coffee. Sean thinks about everyday experiences——then sends high-quality stuff to improve them.

And what’s the most fundamental thing we all do? Eat. #SBQ04 was an object lesson in chowing down:


"No way I’m putting up with Tupperware or some other plasticky container thingy, so I started hunting for a cool food transport system. I found PlanetBox." –Sean Bonner

Yes, you’re looking at a lunch transport system that’s finally fit for a grownup——built of streamlined, strong stainless steel. Also steel (and adult): those sweet metal straws, and the brush to clean them. They’re all designed to last years.

What won’t last years? Those killer chocolate bars from Mast Brothers, in Sea Salt and Vanilla & Smoke. Because who says chocolate isn’t a fundamental need? Seriously, these are some of the best we’ve ever eaten——just ask an #SBQ04 subscriber

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#UAQ04: Postmodern Paint-by-Numbers

We love reading the curator letters sent by Tze Chun of Uprise Art; they are literally curator letters. Uprise sends original framed artwork, and Tze’s explanations of the art inside are always fascinating. Take a look at the piece below, by Robert Otto Epstein and included in #UAQ04. How do you think it was made?


OK, here’s Tze explaining how it was really made.

"Robert first researches vintage tapestry patterns on eBay as source material, posterizes the patterns in Photoshop, and reduces the pattern into a minimalist grid. He then hand-draws a pencil grid onto paper. From there, he reassigns meaning to the knitting symbols and codes within the original pattern and makes color choices based on chance, literally rolling a dice and painting the color that he’s assigned to a given number."

Got that? Robert’s practice sounds (and is) complex, but he’s after something elemental. That’s why Tze also included Cubebots——a “simple” toy that can be manipulated in endless ways. She added letterpress matchbooks because in her words, “There is nothing more primitive and satisfying than a good old-fashioned bonfire.”

If you enjoy having your mind pushed by art——and want to start collecting on the cheap——check out Uprise Art's next box today!

With just 2 weeks left to sign up for the second box from YouTube sensation Connor Franta, now’s the perfect time to recap what Connor sent in his debut. Connor’s the video sort, so naturally he made a video letter explaining exactly what he handpicked for subscribers. First, folks got a sweet Connor-branded beanie, then an awesome… you know what, just watch Connor explain it himself! Then snag #CON02.

5 Questions for Dean Karnazes

The title of “fittest Quarterly curator” is hotly contested these days, but it’s hard to argue with the guy who runs 100 miles up a desert mountain in 120-degree heat. And wins. That would be ultra marathoner Dean Karnazes, who just sent his first box and whose brain we were eager to pick. We chatted with Dean about inspiration, the U.S. mail, and his favorite Quarterly curator.


#RUN01 from Dean Karnazes featured a master kit for runners: Vizlet LEDs, a Petzl E+Lite, Nuun electrolyte tabs, chocolate-covered espresso beans, Bodyglide, Road ID, and his book Ultramarathon Man.

1. How did you come up with the idea for #RUN01?

Dean: I went for a long run and it just came to me. (laughter) Seriously, I wanted to design something that would provide a new experience for folks, a chance to take a step into the unknown. While the items in the box are terrific and are a great value for the investment, the experience they will provide is priceless.

2. What’s the best thing you’ve ever received in the mail?

It was illegal, so I’ll exercise my 5th on that one. (more laughter) Actually, it was a science kit I got when I was a kid. It unlocked a whole new world of exploration and adventure for me.

3. What’s the worst thing?

I once ordered a big bag of chia seeds from Amazon and when I opened the box the container had burst inside and millions of tiny seeds went flying all over the place. I’m still digging out chia seed from the carpet years later.

4. What’s your longest-running subscription?

Probably Outside magazine. I think I got a copy of the first edition and have been a subscriber ever since.

5. Which other Quarterly contributor intrigues you the most?

Probably Timothy Ferriss. I’ve known Tim for years and I remain fascinated by his ingenuity and unquenchable pursuit of deeper understanding and insight in the multiplicity of endeavors he takes on. The guy’s a revolutionary in many ways and I consider him one of the true Renaissance men of our time.

Thanks to Dean Karnazes for standing still to answer our questions! For more good stuff from Dean, you’ll just have to subscribe to #RUN02.

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Now on Quarterly: 1000 Places to See Before You Die

Our travel mailings are some of the most fun to assemble. We love the way a box delivered to your own door can mysteriously transport you to addresses across the globe. So we’re psyched to announce a great new addition to our travel roster!

Patricia Schultz is the bestselling author behind the series 1000 Places to See Before You Die. She’ll be squeezing 25 years of experience as a travel writer into some seriously adventurous boxes. Want to visit new continents from your living room——or get inspired to take a big trip? See where #TLL01 will take you.

Now on Quarterly: Rachel Yeomans

Our newest curator is known for her hit blog and wide-ranging tastes; you might even say she “can’t be put into any one box.” If you said that, however, it would be ironical. Rachel Yeomans has an eclectic array of interests, but they will most certainly be put in a box… A Quarterly box. 


On her Forbes-approved blog, The Working Wardrobe, Rachel has won over readers with her fashion sense (in her words, “stylish with a dash of nerd”). She’s also a tech obsessive, a book lover, and to top things off, a wine aficionado. That sounds like a recipe for great Quarterly boxes, and we’re really excited that Rachel is now live on the site! 

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