1. #PIG08: Goodies from the Road

    Alexis Ohanian’s Quarterly boxes always contain nifty treats he finds on his travels——and in his 8th box, that literally meant the 5 months he spent on the road promoting his book Without Their Permission. 

    The mailing delivered a satisfying dose of roadside Americana——as filtered through a modern startup lens. Take a look:

    One peril of road trips is beverages getting cooked in the car. That problem is solved by the SpinChill at left——it turns a warm container into a cold one in seconds!

    Next up were two more modern snacks: Tonya’s gluten-free cookies and Tealet Tea, which directly connects tea growers and tea drinkers.

    Still hungry? Alexis also sent a gift certificate for a Waffle House waffle (it was in a Waffle House that he decided to become an entrepreneur). As he wrote, “it’s great for both the waffles and the epiphanies.”

    Last up was a gift card for the innovative DonorsChoose, which will let you start a fundraiser for your hometown. Because isn’t that where any journey should end?

    For more goodies from Alexis’s startup adventures, sign up for #PIG09 before it closes!


  2. #NUT01: Peanut Punch

    Did you know we have an NFL player on our roster of curators? It’s true: when he’s not striking fear into the hearts of opposing wide receivers, or working in the community for his foundation, Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman of the Chicago Bears likes to kick back and curate for Quarterly.

    Here’s what he sent in his debut:

    The box started with a favorite book——The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. But this wasn’t just any copy. Subscribers opened it up to find Peanut’s personal notes highlighting the text. 

    Speaking of Peanut: next up was a “Peanut Punch” T-shirt. Featuring Charles’ catchphrase, each shirt sells with a $5 donation to Charles’ Cornerstone Foundation. A Pro Bowl T-shirt (with a funny story behind it) capped off the box.

    Want in on the next box from Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman? Get it for yourself——or the Bears fan in your life——today! 


  3. $5 Off Our 5 New “Q” Mailings

    Excited about the Quarterly concept but not sure who to start with? More interested in a category of goods than an individual curator? Our new and improved “Q” boxes may be just the ticket…

    These boxes are a little different from the rest: Instead of being designed by an individual, they’re curated in-house by the Quarterly team (we couldn’t let Pharrell and Nina Garcia have all the curating fun…). And based on your feedback, we just revamped our offerings.

    Want more good news? Today only, you can take $5 off as many of these boxes as you’d like. Just use code NEWBOX5OFF.

    Here are the new subscriptions:

    • Tech & Gadgets. A serious bounty of tech gear for the proud nerd. The debut focuses on 3D printing. This box replaces the tech half of the old Tech & Toys. $100; ships 9/5.
    • Toys & CollectiblesWe’re calling this one “toys for grown-up kids.” The debut has a video game theme! Replaces the toy half of Tech & Toys. $39; ships 8/15. 
    • Back to College. Essentials for the campus and beyond——just in time for the fall semester. $39 one-off; ships 8/1.
    • The Great Outdoors. The box for adventurous types, round one highlights camping, BBQing, lighting, and more. Replaces Travel & Adventure. $69; ships 8/8. 
    • Crafts for Kids. Our first series just for kids! Items in this box will be appropriate for ages 5-15. Replaces Food & Home. $39; ships 9/5.

    The sale ends at midnight tonight, so make your picks now!


  4. #NYE02: Science of Seasons

    The awesome thing about Bill Nye is how he makes science so relatable. This isn’t just knowledge for PhD’s in labcoats——it’s stuff that is relevant to our everyday lives. 

    And what better way to illustrate that than with a science that we all experience every day of the year: the science of the seasons? 


    As you may have gathered from the picture, Bill sent a fun activity specific to each juncture of the calendar year. There was the aptly named Awesome Autumn book, full of fun fall facts (say that five times fast…). Next up was Fake Snow Powder from Instasnow (especially useful if you’re in LA like Team Quarterly). With warm weather came the DIY Herb Garden by Maker’s Kit. And for sunny times, Bill topped things off with Sun Sensitive Paper from Nature Print Paper.

    You can now buy ‘Science of Seasons’ on our pop-up shop, Best of Quarterly. And Bill is currently putting the finishing touches on his third surprise mailing; signups close in just a week, so get your next box of science-y fun before they sell out!


  5. Now on Quarterly: Brightest Young Things

    Cultural brownie points: you know you want ‘em. It always feels great to have the inside track on fresh art and style, music and movies——and with Brightest Young Things, you can now get the freshest of the bunch, delivered to your door.


    Who are these BYT? They’re basically what would happen if you combined a daily magazine with your friend who throws the best parties. Here, their website explains it best. 

    You’re back? Good. Because we’d hate for you to miss out on their debut, which ships in August and will be perfect for the dog days of summer. Its theme: “Less stress, more fun.” Join in!


  6. Now on Quarterly: BucketFeet

    Quarterly fans know we love supporting creative new venues for, well, creativity. We’re proud of the number of up-and-coming artists who have been featured in our boxes——and that roster gets a nifty new entry with our newest curator.


    BucketFeet offers artists a new kind of canvas: the kind that goes into shoes. That’s right. The company’s mission——inspired by its founders’ travel in Argentina——is to pair fresh art with fresh pairs of sneakers. (Check out some of their creations here!) To date, over 2000 artists in over 35 countries have had a hand in their designs. They’re also darn comfortable kicks.

    BucketFeet’s first Quarterly box will contain things that “help you stay creative on the go.” Go get it now! 


  7. #CHQ08: Global Perspective

    Evan and Josh of Cool Hunting travel the planet to find meaningful projects in unlikely places. (Have you checked out #CHQ05? They commissioned stunning Huichol discs woven by the Puwari collective in remote Mexico——take a look.)

    Their 8th box contained one of their most moving stories yet. Subscribers were introduced to Malafian, a 16-year-old in Zambia making animal figurines from snare wire. Pretty amazing, right?

    Even better: the proceeds Malafian earned by selling so many figurines for #CHQ08 have allowed him to weatherproof his house and construct a workshop for his business. The box further helped Malafian and his family with a donation to his school.

    08 was finished with another gorgeous artisanal piece: a Mikuti bracelet, made in collaboration between Erika Freund and craftspeople in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 

    Want to support cool projects and get beautiful items from Cool Hunting? Sign up for #CHQ09 before it closes next week.


  8. Now on Quarterly: Tahiry Jose

    Ever wondered what TV correspondent and reality star Tahiry Jose is like in real life? Wonder no more! The actress, model, and TV correspondent is Quarterly’s newest curator——and she’s going to be sending #TeamTahiry her personal favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.

    So what can you expect from Tahiry’s debut mailing? In her words, “My first mailing includes things I use to pamper myself with when the cameras are off and it’s time to relax.”

    If you ask us, what makes Quarterly special is the chance to go behind the scenes with people you find fascinating. Case in point: Tahiry Jose. Sign up for her first mailing today!


  9. Now on Quarterly: My Subscription Addiction

    We’ve been keen readers of My Subscription Addiction for awhile now——and if you’re reading this, we bet you have too. Liz Cadman’s site has emerged as the trusted resource for our budding industry. Need to know which boxes will be worth your time and money? Just check My Subscription Addiction.

    Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if you heard about Quarterly from Liz. So this? This just makes a whole lot of sense:


    That’s right: Liz’s trademark heart in a box will now be arriving on doorsteps in Quarterly blue. We’re getting excited just looking at that image!

    Liz’s own subscription experience has given her a feel for what makes a great box. It has also made her ingredient conscious——and that will be her Quarterly theme. She writes, “My picks in the categories of beauty, fashion and lifestyle will be free of ingredients like parabens and paraffin, and full of natural ingredients to keep you healthy and beautiful.”

    If you’re hooked on subscription boxes and want stylish picks from a mailing master, subscribe to #MSA01 today!


  10. Now on Quarterly: Val Garay

    Rock memorabilia is some of the sweetest gear out there——especially if it comes from backstage. So we’re psyched——amped, actually——to launch a new curator who’s been on hand for some of rock’s greatest moments. 


    Grammy-winning producer Val Garay has worked with James Taylor, Neil Diamond, Ringo Starr, Linda Ronstadt, Elton John, and numerous other rock gods. He has over 100 Gold and Platinum records to his credit——and he also has a treasure trove of treats from his decades in the biz.

    Which is where his Quarterly comes in. Val will be sending subscribers items from his personal vault. It’s one-of-a-kind stuff from rock’s golden era. Think of Val’s Quarterly as a backstage pass to all those great shows you missed.

    Sound like something for you or the music obsessive in your life? Get in on this unique opportunity to own rock history, starting with #VAL01.