1. Now on Quarterly: Alexa PenaVega

    One thing that’s really fun for the Quarterly team is watching the excitement when we launch a new curator. And last week, when Alexa PenaVega tweeted that she was joining our roster, the RTs began rolling in. And kept rolling. Before we knew it, her announcement had been retweeted 129 times. 

    We understand the excitement. An actress and singer, Alexa has starred in Spy Kids, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and the series “Ruby & The Rockits.”

    For Quarterly, she’ll be curating in the Food & Style categories. “Box one is an ode to love and the sweet things in life,” she writes on her curator page. Sound enticing? Sign up before these sell out—and take $5 off with code JUL5OFF, this month only!


  2. Now on Quarterly: Patti Stanger

    As the star of the hit Bravo series “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” Patti Stanger has taught millions about dating and compatibility. And we thought her special skills would make a pretty great, ahem, match for Quarterly boxes. Please welcome Patti to our roster!

    We really like the unique premise of these boxes: lifestyle and beauty items curated to prepare you for the perfect match. Patti’s debut will focus specifically on preparations for that all-important—and ever-tricky—first date.

    Ready to put your next dating adventure in Patti’s capable hands? Sign up for #TMM01 today, and for a limited time, take $5 off using code JUL5OFF.


  3. Now on Quarterly: Amy Levin (College Fashionista)

    We’re doing big things for your fall campus game this summer on Quarterly. Not only did we launch our own "Back to College" box, which will set up you or your favorite dorm resident with great supplies… We just launched College Fashionista, a.k.a. Amy Levin, for all your sartorial needs on the quad.

    On CollegeFashionista.com, Amy covers the latest top campus trends, and now her Quarterly boxes will make those style tips tangible. She’ll be sending her handpicked items for the trendsetting college student——all at the very student-friendly price of just $39 per quarter.

    Ready to hit campus in style this fall? Know someone who wants to? Pick up #CFQ01 now, and take $5 off the box using code JUL5OFF, only through midnight PT tonight.

  4. Check out this awesome new video from Camryn, one of our newest Quarterly curators. Camryn will send the items that help her find the balance between having fun and working hard.

    Sign up for her Quarterly boxes today!


  5. Now on Quarterly: Arianna Huffington

    Well, we promised you our next curator announcement was going to be big. As in, #1 bestselling, Pulitzer-winning, world’s most influential people big. Ladies and gentlemen, Arianna Huffington is our newest Quarterly curator!


    Arianna needs no introduction, but let’s give her a warm one anyway. In addition to founding her acclaimed Huffington Post, she has written 14 books, the latest being the #1 NYT bestseller Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder.

    That theme of thriving every day will also guide Arianna’s Quarterly mailings, which focus on being more present in the moment. Her August debut box will be, in her words, “all about taking into consideration well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. Things like meditation, sleep, and unplugging.”

    Sounds like something we could all use. Sign up for Arianna’s mailings today——and take $5 off with code ARI5OFF, good only until Friday at midnight PST!


  6. Now on Quarterly: Chef Ludo Lefebvre

    Our newest curator needs no introduction for foodies——especially connoisseurs of the pop-up dining revolution. With his smash hit LudoBites events, Chef Ludo Lefebvre proved that fine dining can happen in unconventional ways. And with the new Trois Mec, he created one of the hottest brick and mortar tickets in LA.

    We’re fans of all things unconventional here at Quarterly——and all things tasty——so naturally, we had to bring Chef Ludo on as a curator. Ludo will be sending items that make your meals “memorable and delicious.” And his August debut will be perfect for the dog days of summer. One word, three letters: BBQ.

    Want fine dining to pop up in your kitchen? Sign up for Chef Ludo’s mailings today!


  7. #IAO04: G I R L

    We’re suckers for a clever theme——a box concept that turns seemingly unrelated items into a cohesive story. And Pharrell’s fourth mailing featured surely one of our best themes ever. For those who haven’t heard about the box, let’s turn this into a riddle: Can you figure out what connects the items in this picture?

    We’ll give you a four-letter clue: G I R L . Got it yet? Pharrell picked an item to represent each of the songs on his smash hit new album! Here’s the rundown:

    • G I R L Tag
    • Red Journal from Poppin
    • Tattly Arrow Tattoo
    • Tornado Maker
    • Exclusive Enamel Smiley Face Pin
    • Exclusive Bumper Sticker
    • ExclusiveG I R L Crest Stamp
    • New Technology of Achievement
    • Heart Shaped Pocket Mirror

    And this list leaves you with a new challenge: Can you figure out which item goes with which song?

    Lucky for those who missed out, this box is currently available on Best of Quarterly (including Pharrell’s letter, which explains the story and song behind every object). Supplies are limited, so grab yours today! Then make sure you’re signed up for his 5th surprise box.


  8. #F5208: Soup for all Seasons

    When you think of soup, your first image may be the cozy meals of winter and fall. Merrill and Amanda of Food52 would urge you to reconsider. “We’re year-round soup devotees,” they wrote in their letter for #F5208 (which shipped during the springtime asparagus season). Here’s what they included in their box of soup essentials:

    That gorgeous wooden object at center is a hand-carved spoon rest from Allegheny Treenware——perfect for resting that enamel cooking and serving soon without turning the stove into a soupy mess.

    Next up was flavor. That unassuming little jar contains Sel d’Antibes, a blend of grey salt, bergamot, and herbs dreamed up by none other than Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert and Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boîte. Merrill and Amanda particularly recommend it for fish stew. Adding pouches of your own herbs and spices finally becomes easy with those herb sachets and soup socks.

    Like the idea of bundles of Food52 picks delivered to your door? Subscribe to Merrill and Amanda’s mailings before the next round closes!


  9. #PIG08: Goodies from the Road

    Alexis Ohanian’s Quarterly boxes always contain nifty treats he finds on his travels——and in his 8th box, that literally meant the 5 months he spent on the road promoting his book Without Their Permission. 

    The mailing delivered a satisfying dose of roadside Americana——as filtered through a modern startup lens. Take a look:

    One peril of road trips is beverages getting cooked in the car. That problem is solved by the SpinChill at left——it turns a warm container into a cold one in seconds!

    Next up were two more modern snacks: Tonya’s gluten-free cookies and Tealet Tea, which directly connects tea growers and tea drinkers.

    Still hungry? Alexis also sent a gift certificate for a Waffle House waffle (it was in a Waffle House that he decided to become an entrepreneur). As he wrote, “it’s great for both the waffles and the epiphanies.”

    Last up was a gift card for the innovative DonorsChoose, which will let you start a fundraiser for your hometown. Because isn’t that where any journey should end?

    For more goodies from Alexis’s startup adventures, sign up for #PIG09 before it closes!


  10. #NUT01: Peanut Punch

    Did you know we have an NFL player on our roster of curators? It’s true: when he’s not striking fear into the hearts of opposing wide receivers, or working in the community for his foundation, Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman of the Chicago Bears likes to kick back and curate for Quarterly.

    Here’s what he sent in his debut:

    The box started with a favorite book——The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. But this wasn’t just any copy. Subscribers opened it up to find Peanut’s personal notes highlighting the text. 

    Speaking of Peanut: next up was a “Peanut Punch” T-shirt. Featuring Charles’ catchphrase, each shirt sells with a $5 donation to Charles’ Cornerstone Foundation. A Pro Bowl T-shirt (with a funny story behind it) capped off the box.

    Want in on the next box from Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman? Get it for yourself——or the Bears fan in your life——today!