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Now on Quarterly: 1000 Places to See Before You Die

Our travel mailings are some of the most fun to assemble. We love the way a box delivered to your own door can mysteriously transport you to addresses across the globe. So we’re psyched to announce a great new addition to our travel roster!

Patricia Schultz is the bestselling author behind the series 1000 Places to See Before You Die. She’ll be squeezing 25 years of experience as a travel writer into some seriously adventurous boxes. Want to visit new continents from your living room——or get inspired to take a big trip? See where #TLL01 will take you.

Now on Quarterly: Rachel Yeomans

Our newest curator is known for her hit blog and wide-ranging tastes; you might even say she “can’t be put into any one box.” If you said that, however, it would be ironical. Rachel Yeomans has an eclectic array of interests, but they will most certainly be put in a box… A Quarterly box. 


On her Forbes-approved blog, The Working Wardrobe, Rachel has won over readers with her fashion sense (in her words, “stylish with a dash of nerd”). She’s also a tech obsessive, a book lover, and to top things off, a wine aficionado. That sounds like a recipe for great Quarterly boxes, and we’re really excited that Rachel is now live on the site! 

For sharp fashion picks, topped with top lifestyle and culture items, try #RYQ01 today.

We recently shipped the debut box from fitness expert and strength coach Jason Ferruggia. Here’s video of Jason himself unboxing #JFQ01. Need some fitness motivation? Like what you see? Sign up for #JFQ02 today!

'My Favorite Item' #4: The Salsabol

From the Final Four to the fresh baseball season, and with the Masters starting next week, the schedule is packed with good athletic television——and you know what that means. Snacks. Because nothing says “I’m watching sports on TV” like “I’m eating delicious salsa from a really sweet bowl.” Luckily, our gifting expert Emiliano is here to weigh in with his favorite item from a recent Quarterly box: the tasty and timely Salsabol, from Veronica Belmont's fifth mailing. 

Curator: Veronica Belmont

Box: #NOM05

Item: The Salsabol


According to the Salsabol guys it’s as simple as this: 1) Scoop your dip. 2) Hit the lip. 3) Celebrate your awesome scoop! After doing some research on vessels to house our salsa we came across this awesome bowl. I can personally attest to its simple, functional, and attractive design.

The bowl was an easy choice because the package was centered around Papalote Salsa, which is from one of the Bay Area’s favorite Mexican restaurants, Papalote, located in the Mission district of San Francisco. When we reached out to the Salsabol guys, they were excited to collaborate and bring the fiesta to Veronica’s subscribers’ doors.

And after personally owning this bowl for a few months it’s become more then just a salsa bowl——it doubles as an awesome conversational piece. So go grab your favorite salsa and chips and get scooping. (Of course, our recommendation would be Papalote’s.)

Thanks, Emiliano! And to get your own tastes of the Bay Area, sign up for Veronica Belmont’s #NOM07.

Check out this gif of a fan trading out her old wallet for the snazzy wallet from #NGQ02, the hit box from Nina Garcia! Then grab #NGQ03 today.

Check out this gif of a fan trading out her old wallet for the snazzy wallet from #NGQ02, the hit box from Nina Garcia! Then grab #NGQ03 today.

#HBT03: Everyday Luxury

What does “luxury” really mean? In your busy life, what counts as “decadent”? In #HBT03, Jesse “Head Butler” Kornbluth pondered these questions——and his answers may surprise you. (They surprised him.)


That lovely Canal House cookbook is a clue. Its authors, Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton, explained to Jesse that they filled it with fancy recipes (like fried oysters and eggs with truffles) because their real luxury is spending time with family at the table. So they went all out.

What else is a luxury? Something that’s the best in its class——like these incredible Piennolo tomatoes, grown in volcanic soil near Mount Vesuvius. Or the high-grade Yunnan wonder tea, Pu-erh (Alice Waters swears by it). Then there’s that age-old luxury: soul-stirring music in the comfort of your own home. So Jesse finished with a favorite, the Malian artist Smod, which he calls “glorious, exultant, original, melodic, and accessible.”

Great culture, strong flavors, unfussy elegance…sounds like a Jesse Kornbluth box. Let Jesse play head butler for you, starting with #HBT04

#ANM02: Up in Smoke

Working in LA, we’re lucky to be able to visit Animal and Son of a Gun restaurants whenever our hearts desire. (And our hearts desire very, very often.) But with their Quarterly subscription, your zip doesn’t need to start with a 90 for you to taste Vinny and Jon’s cooking. And with #ANM02, they proved it, sending a proper barbecue to your door.

How’d they pull that off? Let’s take a look:


Killer BBQ starts with a lethal recipe, and continues with a debate over that recipe. So Vinny and Jon started subscribers off with two of their personal standbys. Next come the spices (you won’t beat this mix) and perhaps our favorite item: smoke in a bag, straight from Texas.

Last up is getting sauce on ribs, so they sent a great brush, too. Actually, last up is getting sauce all over yourself——so they finished with some BBQ-grade towels from Hedley and Bennett.

Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t miss more amazing items for aspiring chefs——sign up for #ANM03 today.

Veterinarian Dr. Justine Lee will be sending great gifts for very spoiled canines. But she won’t be curating alone; her dog, Milo, will help make sure every item passes the smell test. In this video, we find Milo hard at work approving boxes. Enjoy, and sign your pooch up for #DOG01 today!

Behind the Scenes at Quarterly

A fun thing about working at Quarterly HQ is that we’re surrounded by great items from Quarterly mailings. Look in any direction, and you’ll spot something from one of our curators. Like Tina Roth Eisenberg's water bottle from #YAY05, cleverly repurposed:


Or Book Riot's banned books mug, from #BKR02 (paired with our office Tonx coffee subscription, which we highly recommend).


These tiles are part of an art project for Scott Belsky's latest. (Ask an #SKB09 subscriber to find out more…)


Virgil did not receive this old tennis ball in a Quarterly box——but he is excited to get canine goodies from Dr. Justine Lee.


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#CGQ03: Marking Milestones

Chris Guillebeau's third Quarterly box dropped in January, and if you're familiar with Chris's productivity work, that's a clue: Yes, #CGQ03 was all about resolutions. And since March is a perfect time to check in with those big plans for 2014, let's take a moment to look at what Chris sent.


Giving his package the theme of “Marking Milestones,” Chris started with a beautiful 2014 wall calendar and a “Make Change” Tattly tattoo. Then to help you with said change-making, Chris put in the book How To Be an Explorer of the World, by Keri Smith, which is stuffed with useful exercises.

And since real milestones are pretty heavy, Chris sent a clever symbolic replacement: a whiskey stone ice mold, which will also aid in celebrations when you reach milestones. See what he did there? Last up: some of Chris’ personal cocktail recipes. So keep striving for those goals, and when you reach them, pour yourself a drink.

For more nonconformist mailings from Chris Guillebeau, sign up starting with #CGQ04!