1. Quarterly Public Beta Open for a Limited Time

    Over the last few weeks we’ve been privately testing our new subscription service, Quarterly Co. After being relentlessly pestered by folks who had heard about it and wanted to join, we’ve decided to open up to the public for the next 48 hours or so. If you want to get in on the first mailings from our wonderful roster of the contributors, sign up now before we close the doors again.

    Quarterly is a subscription service for wonderful things. It’s like a magazine, but instead of getting stories printed on paper, you get meaningful products and objects curated by noteworthy contributors from the creative class. You can read more on our About page, and learn about our beginnings here.

    The purpose of our public beta is to learn about how users interact with Quarterly. As such, we want to make room for as diverse a collection of subscribers as we can during this trial period, which is why we’re limiting subscriptions to one per person, and have turned off gift subscriptions.

    We have a lot planned for the coming weeks and months, so check back often to see what new contributors we’ve added, what mailings have been sent out, and what site improvements we’ve made. And if you missed getting in on a subscription this time, stay tuned to our Twitter feed (and those of our contributors) and Facebook page as we will occasionally be opening up slots and letting new folks join.

    We look forward to hearing what you think about Quarterly, so if you have questions, comments, or anything else to say, we’re always just an e-mail away: hello@quarterly.co

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