1. #FTW04 Recap: Party Pooper

    Mike Monteiro sends narrative mailings that feature “uplifting stories about other people’s pain.” Intrigued? You should sign up for him immediately. Repelled? That’s entirely fair.

    #FTW04 was possibly Mike’s most pain-soaked yet. Uplifting would be a stretch——though technically it did take place at a New Year’s party. Parties are uplifting… right?

    Here’s an excerpt from Mike’s letter, and a few shots of the package contents. Curious? Grab his next mailing.

    "Andy is waiting for the train to go to work. Transit construction in the neighborhood has messed up everyone’s commute and the platform is unusually packed, even for a weekday morning. Andy wonders how many trains will go by before he manages to get on one.

    In contrast, the outbound platform across the tracks is almost empty. That’s when Andy spots him. He looks twice to make sure. It’s definitely him. He looks older, a little more out of shape. But it’s him. Andy freezes. His heart jumps into his mouth like a fist. He wants to throw up.”