1. #PIG08: Goodies from the Road

    Alexis Ohanian’s Quarterly boxes always contain nifty treats he finds on his travels——and in his 8th box, that literally meant the 5 months he spent on the road promoting his book Without Their Permission. 

    The mailing delivered a satisfying dose of roadside Americana——as filtered through a modern startup lens. Take a look:

    One peril of road trips is beverages getting cooked in the car. That problem is solved by the SpinChill at left——it turns a warm container into a cold one in seconds!

    Next up were two more modern snacks: Tonya’s gluten-free cookies and Tealet Tea, which directly connects tea growers and tea drinkers.

    Still hungry? Alexis also sent a gift certificate for a Waffle House waffle (it was in a Waffle House that he decided to become an entrepreneur). As he wrote, “it’s great for both the waffles and the epiphanies.”

    Last up was a gift card for the innovative DonorsChoose, which will let you start a fundraiser for your hometown. Because isn’t that where any journey should end?

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  2. #PIG07: Road Warriors

    When you’re President of the Internet, you spend a lot of time on your campaign bus——especially when you’ve got a hot new book called Without Their Permission to promote. 

    So for his latest Quarterly box, #PIG07, reddit/breadpig/hipmunk man Alexis Ohanian shared some of his go-to goodies for the road.


    "Brownies are delicious, that’s just a fact, but they’re even better when injected with caffeine." –Alexis Ohanian

    In addition to productivity-boosting baked goods, you’re looking at a set of M9 headphones for blocking out the world; a 2-disc collector’s edition of Aliens (which Alexis calls “the classic road trip movie”); and a 768-page, choose-your-own-adventure version of Hamlet, titled To Be Or Not to Be. That ought to stave off the “are-we-there-yets.”

    Now stop staring longingly at our caffeine brownies, and sign up for your own treats from Alexis’s travels, starting with #PIG08.


  3. My Hardest Person to Gift For—#5

    The big holidays are behind us now, but that doesn’t mean our present responsibilities are over. If you’ve got a Capricorn or Aquarius in your life——not to mention a Valentine——your hardest gifting season may have just begun. As always, we can empathize. We now pass it off to our own Emiliano for the final installment of the series.

    I was guilty of being a re-gifter throughout my childhood. Every year on Christmas Eve I would search through my room for “presents,” sometimes finding a book someone might like. Other times I’d make something with any materials lying about. Maybe it was all those years of being a lousy gift giver that led me to this moment. It was the first Christmas away from my family and I’d successfully checked off everyone on the list——except for my sister.

    Name: Paloma Lowe

    Relationship: Sister

    Age: 22

    Location: Bellingham, WA

    Profession: Student 

    Occasion: Christmas 2009

    Paloma is the middle child and the peacekeeper in the family. She is also tough, intelligent, and extremely smart. She once broke a girl’s leg playing soccer and whenever I was bullied in school, she would immediately find that bully and put him in his place. With all that in mind I wanted to get her something special that she could keep in her room: something simple that would remind her of me, because for the first time in our lives we were so far apart. 

    After scouring the Internet I found this great little grow your own glow in the dark cactus kit. I didn’t know if she would like it, but it definitely fit the bill in the intrigue department, so I went with my gut. About a month later, after the cactus grew and began to glow in the dark, she told me it was one of the coolest gifts she had ever received. 

    Quarterly Curators I Could Have Used: Joshua Foer & Alexis Ohanian

    Although my sister was all grown up, to me she’d always be the geeky girl I grew up with, watching Lion King, playing with toys, and overall just being a dork. Joshua Foer has a knack for unearthing some of the most interesting things that everyone should know about, but nobody does; my sister would love his interesting finds. And Alexis Ohanian has that same geeky intelligence and lovable charm as my sister. The contents of his boxes reflect this, as he includes geeky novelties and generally awesome things he comes across in his travels.

    Emiliano is a Curator Talent Manager at Quarterly.


  4. #PIG06: From Inspiration to Innovation

    A good Quarterly mailing should tell a story. And in Alexis Ohanian’s latest, the entrepreneur and “President of the Internet” gave us a glimpse into the beginning, middle, and end of his most famous venture: reddit. 

    "I’ve included a annotated copy of Masters of Doom,” Alexis wrote in his letter. “Reddit wouldn’t have existed if Steve Huffman hadn’t lent me this book during our sophomore year at UVA.”


    Fast forward a few years from Alexis getting inspiration, and you have the delightful subreddit /r/shutupandtakemymoney, the “end” part of this story. Included were two delectable snacks it featured: PB Crave Cookie Nookie, and Emoticandy from Raley’s Confecionary.

    Last up was the middle: a postcard for Alexis’s new book, Without Their Permission, which is about how to change the world. In short, it’s how to get from an inspiring book to a subreddit. “We’re a generation with unparalleled opportunity, and I want everyone to take advantage of that fact,” Alexis wrote. 

    Will you? Start by grabbing #PIG07 before it closes!


  5. Win #PIG Boxes with the Selfie Contest

    We love a good contest——especially when the reward is free Quarterly boxes, and all we have to do is take a selfie. All of which describes the nifty promotion Alexis Ohanian is running before #PIG07. Here are the details:


    So just take your own picture, tweet it to Alexis, and sign up for his Quarterly——and you could get 200 bucks worth of mail coming your way.

    Don’t know Alexis? He started reddit and breadpig, and helped launched hipmunk. Some have even called him President of the Internet. Here’s a look at his last package, #PIG06.


    The box was themed around a subreddit called /r/shutupandtakemymoney, and featured addictive snacks, an annotated copy of Masters of Doom (which helped inspire Alexis to start reddit), and a postcard for Alexis’s upcoming book, Without Their Permission

    Great reads, great bites, great ideas——that kind of stuff happens every quarter with Alexis. And it could happen for four quarters for you. For free. If you just subscribe and take your own picture.


  6. #PIG05: Your Little Pony

    One of the great things about founding reddit, we bet, is kicking back and watching what eclectic stuff pops up. People swapping local snacks from across the world. Photography lovers sharing nature pics so good they call them “earth porn.” And of course, entire communities dedicated to My Little Pony.

    In his latest box, reddit (and breadpig and hipmunk) founder Alexis Ohanian spotlighted the subreddits detailed above——3 of his personal favorites among the thousands (millions?) on the site. He sent a snack from Homeboy Industries here in LA, a gorgeous photograph by Brent Durand, and yes, a My Little Pony Mystery Collectible. 

    "/r/snackexchange is an amazing community of people all over the world who exchange, you guessed it, snacks. Love a special Vietnamese candy you can’t seem to find anywhere in Sweden? No problem! Swap some of your local treats with someone in Hanoi.” 

    Want more treats from Alexis’s journeys through the startup world? Pick up #PIG06 by this Saturday!


  7. #PIG04: The Most Cowbell

    Take a look at the four items below: Craft Coffee from Irving Farm Roasters, green D&D dice, a vintage game cartridge, and a 3” bright yellow cowbell. How could these four items possibly tie together, you ask? And that’s the point: Quarterly contributors are wizards at bringing together very different items to tell their story. That’s why the letter is our favorite part.

    And perhaps no one has such eclectic taste as Alexis Ohanian, someone who always seems to be juggling ten great projects. He’s a hard man to recap, but here’s an excerpt from his letter. But why settle for excerpts? You should just get the next one delivered to your mailbox.

    They’re green just because it’s my favorite color, but I’ve included D&D dice because the game had a tremendous impact on my childhood and reconnected with me twice in the past quarter: once on an episode of Riding Shotgun with Zach Anner, and again in a Kickstarter-funded film called Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentarywhich I’m proud to have been interviewed for.” 






  8. #PIG03: Ohanian for (Internet) President

    Alexis Ohanian is all about making the world suck less, and a world without Internet freedom would be sucky indeed. This fall, he took a campaign-style bus tour in support of the Web. His latest package, #PIG03, featured a limited edition button from that tour, plus an interactive breadpig book, a hipmunk luggage tag, and his own “in-the-weeds playbook” packed with startup lessons. All of which were brought to you by the letters W, W, and W.


    Here’s an excerpt from Alexis’ letter, and a few shots of the package contents. Curious? Grab his next mailing.

    "This fall, while politicians from the right and left battled for the presidency, I launched another kind of campaign—a campaign for Internet freedom. Erik Martin (GM of reddit) and I embarked on a 10-day bus tour from Denver, CO to Danville, KY. These limited-edition pins would’ve only been yours if you were lucky enough to be at one of our stops. But now, as a Quarterly subscriber, you’ve got one!"





  9. Inside-the-Box Thinking: #SKB05 and #PIG03

    Alexis “Internet President” Ohanian and Scott “Behance” Belsky just might be our two most “outside-the-box” contributors. Here at Quarterly, of course, that metaphor just isn’t acceptable. ”All ideas must go in a box”——that’s our motto!

    Luckily, someone snapped a few photos of #PIG03 and #SKB05 before we forced them inside the cardboard. Have a peek at what’s about to wing your way.



    We never said we’d tell you which was which…