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#FAR04: Grains and Salt

We love a box that takes a seemingly mundane item and completely geeks out on it. In #FAR04, Jeremy and Keenan of Wander went farther and fancier than we thought possible with that simplest of seasonings: salt.


"Working with a group of talented woodworkers at Heartwood Creations in Illinois, we designed our own beautiful salt box. Carved from sustainably harvested cherry, with a hidden sliding top, it’s just big enough to fit a spoon (and an ample supply of salt)." 

In addition to that gorgeous keepsake, Keenan and Jeremy had a cherry wood spoon made by master spoonsmith Jonathan Simons. And of course, they added a box of delicious English Maldon. If you haven’t tried it, it’s the salt that will make you understand all the fuss about salt.

It was a tasty new play on Wander’s theme: “superlative products that help you find yourself in the world.” Get your own superlative stuff by signing up for #FAR05 now. 

#FAR01 and #F5203 See the Light

We’ve been packing like mad at Quarterly HQ this week, prepping the first box from the travelers at Wander (#FAR01), and the latest from Amanda and Merrill of Food52 (#F5203). Before we sealed them up in cardboard, we gave them one last hit of sunshine.

A close-up from FAR:

A dose of F52:

Both boxes ship out soon. We hope they’ll brighten a dark fall day!