1. Our CEO, Netflix co-founder Mitch Lowe, was on CNN this morning talking about online video streaming… and of course, talking about Quarterly Co. CNN, people! Key quote from CNN on Quarterly: “The moral of this story is that people want to connect in an authentic way.”

    Check out Mitch in Run-D.M.C. glasses from #TIP01——then check out all the great new curators we’ve launched lately.

  2. Well this is awesome. For starters, #LEW01 subscriber Aaron B. posted a sweet review of the box’s Veho 360 portable speaker. But the review was actually a ruse. What seemed like an innocent little tech roundup soon turned into something much more dramatic… Take a look to see what Aaron did!


  3. We’re Hiring: VP of Growth

    Love Quarterly and want to join the team? We’re currently searching for a VP of Growth, based in our Los Angeles office. Candidates will be responsible for directing a marketing strategy that supports subscriber growth, and should have 6–10 years of experience at an ecommerce company (preferably in a startup environment).

    Here’s the full job description and a link to apply. We hope to hear from you or great candidates you know!

  4. If you’re reading this, odds are you know the answer to the question “What’s a Quarterly?” But your friends might not! Also, videos are fun. So we made this one to explain who we are and what we’re all about. Enjoy it, comment on it, and pass it along to pals who might be interested!


  5. Presenting Best of Quarterly

    At Quarterly, we love sending you surprises. But we also know that sometimes, it helps to see what you’re buying before you push that purchase button. And so we’re really excited to launch Best of Quarterly, a new virtual pop-up shop that lets you purchase some of our top recent boxes——and see exactly what’s in them before you buy.


    Banned Books box from Book Riot — Available on BOQ

    Best of Quarterly boxes come from a variety of Quarterly curators, from across our many categories. It’s a great option if you’re trying Quarterly for the first time, considering a new curator, getting a gift for a friend——or just missed out on a great box.

    So if you’ve ever looked at a past Quarterly mailing and thought, “I want that!” you’re now in luck. Also pretty sweet? Best of Quarterly boxes ship immediately. 

    Best of Quarterly supplies are limited, and once the boxes are gone, they’re gone for good——so see what’s for sale and grab your favorites today!


  6. #QTT03: The Last Camera

    Remember when you had to wait to get photos back from the shop? Back when digital cameras first hit the scene, the instant results felt like a miracle… But don’t you miss the fun of tearing open that envelope to see what you captured?

    We’re surprise lovers here at Quarterly, so for our latest Tech & Toys box, we decided to revisit the surprise factor of a classic film camera. 


    You’re looking at the so-called Last Camera. It’s a nifty deconstructed camera that you snap together yourself. Fitted with both 22 and 45 mm lenses, it’s a perfect way to revisit the fun of film. 

    Speaking of which…we sent you some of the good stuff. That’s classic Arista Premium B&W, which is great for low light and known for its depth of field. 

    We had a lot of fun with this one, but then again, we have a lot of fun putting together all #QTT boxes. (C’mon: toys.) For fun products that speak to the kid in all of us, join the Tech & Toys subscription today.


  7. Behind the Scenes at Quarterly

    A fun thing about working at Quarterly HQ is that we’re surrounded by great items from Quarterly mailings. Look in any direction, and you’ll spot something from one of our curators. Like Tina Roth Eisenberg's water bottle from #YAY05, cleverly repurposed:


    Or Book Riot's banned books mug, from #BKR02 (paired with our office Tonx coffee subscription, which we highly recommend).


    These tiles are part of an art project for Scott Belsky's latest. (Ask an #SKB09 subscriber to find out more…)


    Virgil did not receive this old tennis ball in a Quarterly box——but he is excited to get canine goodies from Dr. Justine Lee.


    For more glimpses behind the scenes at Quarterly HQ, follow us on Instagram!


  8. New Feature: Single Box Purchases

    If you’re an old hand at this subscription service game, you probably like the “set it and forget it” aspect. Pharrell Williams super fan? Can’t get enough Food52? It’s nice to know they’ll arrive on your door every quarter.

    But we also know commitment can be intimidating, especially if you’re trying us for the first time. And while you can cancel a Quarterly subscription whenever you want, we also want to make it extra-easy to give us a test drive. 

    That’s why we’re excited to announce that single box purchases are now live on the site. With singles, you can buy the next Quarterly box from a curator as a one-off, without subscribing. Just hit Buy Next Box instead of Subscribe.

    Then if you love that box, you can become a Quarterly subscriber. The big bonus there? Shipping is free when you subscribe. And of course, a subscription means you only have to sign up once and won’t miss any of the fun.

    So poke around the site, and if you see a curator you’re curious about, but aren’t ready to go steady…try a single purchase today.


  9. Our Q&A with Built in LA

    If you’ve spotted one of our red “packaged with radness” stickers, you know that Quarterly is proud to hail from the heart of Los Angeles. So we felt an extra dose of hometown pride when we learned Built in Los Angeles had named us their March Startup of the Month, calling us “the quintessential LA company.” Thanks, fellow Angelenos!


    In honor of…the honor, Built in LA’s Carlin Sack chatted with our own Curator Talent Manager, Mark De Avila. (Loyal blog readers will know Mark from his posts on gift buying and dream curating.) The Q&A touches on our company history, process for collaborating with curators, and plans for the coming year.

    Thanks again to Built in LA for the recognition and the chance to talk Quarterly. You can catch up with Built and Mark on Twitter, and with Quarterly’s latest on our brand-new site.


  10. Check Out Our New Look…

    If you’ve stopped by quarterly.co in the last few days, you may have noticed that we’ve given the site a fresh look. What’s new, you ask? See if you can spot the changes in this picture…


    In addition to a spiffed up design——it’s now easier to see the contents of past mailings——you’re looking at our biggest change: We’ve introduced curator categories. So it’s way easier to find curators you’ll love. Obsessed with Technology & Toys but not so much with Lifestyle & Beauty? Love Food & Home but don’t have the Art & Design gene? Just use the dropdown to sort for curators you’ll care about.

    Once you get to a curator’s page, you’ll also find buzzwords associated with him or her. So you can now see at a glance what kinds of surprise items to expect. Take a look:


    The new design features don’t end here——but this blog post does! We’re gonna stop typing now and let you explore the new site for yourself. Enjoy!

    (And we’re eager for your feedback, so do say hi on Twitter.)