1. New Feature: Single Box Purchases

    If you’re an old hand at this subscription service game, you probably like the “set it and forget it” aspect. Pharrell Williams super fan? Can’t get enough Food52? It’s nice to know they’ll arrive on your door every quarter.

    But we also know commitment can be intimidating, especially if you’re trying us for the first time. And while you can cancel a Quarterly subscription whenever you want, we also want to make it extra-easy to give us a test drive. 

    That’s why we’re excited to announce that single box purchases are now live on the site. With singles, you can buy the next Quarterly box from a curator as a one-off, without subscribing. Just hit Buy Next Box instead of Subscribe.

    Then if you love that box, you can become a Quarterly subscriber. The big bonus there? Shipping is free when you subscribe. And of course, a subscription means you only have to sign up once and won’t miss any of the fun.

    So poke around the site, and if you see a curator you’re curious about, but aren’t ready to go steady…try a single purchase today.


  2. 5 Questions for the Stanford d.school

    We love the distinctive mailings from Stanford’s d.school——they’re like a secret backdoor for those of us who can’t attend the classes. And they always make us think about design (and the world) a little differently.


    The star of #DSC04 was the so-called “Bootcamp Bootleg,” a deck of method cards to support design thinking. As their letter explained, the Bootleg was intented as “your portable pocket toolkit——to help you get out of innovation jams, large or small.” We caught up with Scott and Grace from the d.school for a look behind the scenes.

    1. How did you come up with the idea for your latest Quarterly mailing?

    We value collaboration at the d.school, so for the last mailing, we hooked up with Thomas Both. He does a lot of the design work for our class and workshop materials. Thomas had a big hand in creating the d.school method cards, so we worked with him to come up with a clever way to share the cards through an activity. He was the brainchild behind the silver-on-black design activity that went out with the cards. Inside scoop: At least one item in each of our packages is created especially for our Quarterly mailings. We always have fun making sure each experience has that little extra something-something. 

    2. What’s the best thing you’ve ever received in the mail?

    Scott: My grandfather’s typed-on-a-typewriter letters. Thanks, G-Pa. 

    Grace: An unexpected love letter from a good friend in high school…what a sweet surprise.

    3. What’s the worst thing?

    Scott: Anything that’s not from a loved one falls into the worst category, except for party supply store catalogues––my daughters and I have a lot of fun with those. 

    Grace: Copies of lab reports from my mom’s doctor on her cancer diagnosis. Knocking wood, she’s good, seven years and counting.

    4. What’s your longest-running subscription?

    Scott: It was ReadyMade for a long time (I’m not just saying that because Grace founded it). Now it’s probably Esquire. 

    Grace: W magazine. LOVE. I am a closet magazine junkie (Mental Floss and Teen Vogue included. I consider it pop culture research).

    5. Which other Quarterly contributor intrigues you the most?

    Scott: Mike Monteiro: “Uplifting Stories About Someone Else’s Pain.” How could you not be intrigued by that!?

    Grace: Pharrell Williams—so unlike the other contributors, can’t wait to get my first mailing!

    Thanks, Grace and Scott! Be sure to check out the Stanford d.school’s next mailing before it closes.


  3. #QTT Goes Live—Featuring Tech & Toys

    We hope you’ve all now gotten the memo about the 'Q' mailings——our new series of packages curated in-house by the Quarterly team. Last month, we launched Food & Home and Travel & Adventure boxes. And today, we’re excited to announce our third in the series: Technology & Toys.

    We’re really geeking out over this one, and we do mean that literally. #QTT is where you’ll get your gadget fix: Everything from weird science to ingenious gizmos will be eligible for these boxes. If you loved Mark Frauenfelder’s EL Wire, or Joshua Foer’s flower clock, or Liz Danzico’s Sugru, this is the mailing for you. 

    Check out #QTT01 now!


  4. #MLF02: Downright Visionary

    Mark Frauenfelder’s mailings are some of the most delightful we send; they’re just always so surprising. In #MLF01, the Boing Boing founder sent humble everyday items that’ll blow your mind a little: Mexican jumping beans, a jelly watch, and more. And in #MLF02, he found a new way to surprise: He turned our sense of sight on its head.

    This package featured 3 items to make you see the world a little differently: a microscopic microscope; an ultraviolet flashlight; and EL Wire, near-magical stuff that you should Google right now. Of course, you wouldn’t have to Google it if you had Mark’s letter. Which arrives on your doorstep when you’re subscribed to Mark. Which you should do right now (#MLF03 closes on 4/6/13).

    Here’s an excerpt, plus some photos from the package:

    "I don’t remember why I bought this tiny microscope a few years ago, but I use it at least once a month. It’s great for pinpointing splinters. My daughter loves looking at her freckles, leaves, coins, and paper money through it. Her mind was blown when she looked at a magazine photograph and saw that it was made of little colored dots." 





  5. Announcing the “Q” Mailings—Curated by the Quarterly Team

    Back in December, Quarterly tried a little experiment. We created a limited-edition trio of holiday packages (one each in Food, Art, and Exploration) and did the curating ourselves. We hoped “Best of Quarterly” would be a hit, but no one in the office guessed how popular it would be: We sold out of every single package in 2 hours.

    Turned out, the Quarterly team could curate. Who knew? And we loved it so much, we decided to make this thing official. Today we’re excited to announce the first installment of the “Q” mailings: boxes thought up and assembled by the tasteful folks at Quarterly HQ.


    The first “Q” mailing features Food and Home items and gets the hashtag #QFH01. It’s the one to subscribe to if you love Food 52 and Veronica Belmont. Over time, we’ll be rolling out mailings in seven categories, with the second one slated to drop in just a few weeks. 

    Unlike Best of Quarterly, these aren’t “greatest hits” packages. They’ll be stuffed with original items that our contributors haven’t sent before. And they’ll function just like standard contributor mailings: as ongoing subscriptions shipping every quarter.

    Be an early “Q” adopter by signing up for #QFH01 today. And stay tuned for more “Q”s to launch. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


  6. Inside-the-Box Thinking: #SKB05 and #PIG03

    Alexis “Internet President” Ohanian and Scott “Behance” Belsky just might be our two most “outside-the-box” contributors. Here at Quarterly, of course, that metaphor just isn’t acceptable. ”All ideas must go in a box”——that’s our motto!

    Luckily, someone snapped a few photos of #PIG03 and #SKB05 before we forced them inside the cardboard. Have a peek at what’s about to wing your way.



    We never said we’d tell you which was which…