1. #SKB09: Wisdom Worth Sharing

    Sharpies. Envelopes. A blank tile. Just what was Behance founder Scott Belsky up to in his 9th Quarterly mailing? 

    There’s a reason all Quarterly boxes come with an explanatory letter. This one was particularly awesome——and unusual. Allow us to explain…


    Scott’s theme for this box was “Wisdom Worth Sharing.” In his words, “I wanted to create an experience rather than a collection of goods.” So he commissioned a collaborative art project. 

    That blank tile is an opportunity; each subscriber was invited to share something special on it, whether a drawing, a saying, or something else with meaning. Then we at Quarterly would mail each completed tile to another random subscriber in his next box. Here’s a teaser of the results:

    This was a special project that we really loved around here——and it seemed like subscribers did, too. To get in on the next box from Scott, sign up for #SKB10 today.

    (Note: If you weren’t an #SKB09 subscriber and so didn’t create a tile, you’ll still receive one in #SKB10!)


  2. #SKB08: Scott’s Call to Action

    Productivity is a funny thing. Sometimes we have to trick our minds a little to start actually acting. It turns out a well-placed action verb can do wonders for that to-do list.

    In #SKB08, Scott Belsky shared one of his team’s secrets for getting things done: the Action Book.


    "The concept was to feel compelled to capture the tasks that accompany your ideas——the things that start with verbs like ‘Show this to Matias’ or ‘Follow up with Zach on X and Y.’"

    And this wasn’t any old Action Book. Subscribers received a limited-edition version in new colors and a new portable size. They also pulled in four productivity-oriented Tattlys (shout out to fellow Quarterly curator Tina Roth Eisenberg). And they landed some sea salt caramels from Mouth, which has a nifty business model featuring “indie food.”

    For more mailings that are “equal parts productive and fascinating,” subscribe to Scott starting with #SKB09!


  3. #SKB07: Make Something out of Nothing

    Scott Belsky’s packages aim to be both productive and fascinating, but sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which. Take the Supr Good slim wallet in #SKB07. Clearly, it’s productive (be gone, bulky wallets!). But a fresh update on an old design, funded through Kickstarter? That’s pretty fascinating, too.

    It’s classic Scott, whose boxes frequently blend business and pleasure. Here’s a look at the contents of #SKB07, and an excerpt from his letter.


    I don’t think there is any better proxy for creating something from nothing than origami (other than conception, I guess!). You start with a simple square, and you end with a swan, a house…or perhaps the unexpected. I’ve included a beginner’s book, but I urge you to go rogue.” 

    Like what you see? Grab #SKB08.


  4. #SKB05: Crowdsourcing Invention

    Scott Belsky of Behance is an ideas man; he’s also a busy man. In #SKB05, he invited folks to participate in a solution to that problem. Rather than let his unused ideas rot away in a drawer, he wrote them down on cards and sent them to his subscribers. We thought it was an innovative way to use Quarterly, and we hope his concepts get put to good use! (You’ll have to chat up a #SKB05 recipient for a glimpse at the ideas.)

    But it wasn’t all conceptual. Scott also sent a few ultra-useful gadgets. Here’s an excerpt from his letter, and a few shots of the package contents. Curious? Grab his next mailing.

    "In our increasingly connected lives, we accumulate more and more devices——and the cords we use to keep them charged. Personally, I hate cords. I’m not the only one with this frustration, because a crowd of people came together to conceive "Cordies." This is one of the first products that was created by many people via Quirky.com, a system that helps inventors make their ideas happen. It’s an example of how consumer products may be created in the future." 





  5. Inside-the-Box Thinking: #SKB05 and #PIG03

    Alexis “Internet President” Ohanian and Scott “Behance” Belsky just might be our two most “outside-the-box” contributors. Here at Quarterly, of course, that metaphor just isn’t acceptable. ”All ideas must go in a box”——that’s our motto!

    Luckily, someone snapped a few photos of #PIG03 and #SKB05 before we forced them inside the cardboard. Have a peek at what’s about to wing your way.



    We never said we’d tell you which was which…



  6. 5 Questions for Scott Belsky

    Welcome to the the second round of ‘5 Questions’, the blog series in which we grill Quarterly contributors with hard-hitting questions about their mail. You’ve heard from swissmiss (a.k.a. Tina Roth Eisenberg). Now it’s time to check in with Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance.

    1) Quarterly: How did you come up with the idea for your latest Quarterly mailing?

    Scott: I have carried the same theme across each of my Quarterly mailings. I’ve sought to curate a collection that is “equal parts productive and fascinating.” For each Quarterly, I mine my own personal inventory of favorites and sentiments, seeking a few gems that may assist us in making ideas happen and keeping things interesting.

    For my last mailing, I wanted to share something thought-related as well as some physical items. Ultimately, I enclosed a speech I gave on the topic of disconnecting/unplugging (which was, appropriately, never filmed nor put online), as well as some other necessities and goodies.

    2) What’s the best thing you’ve ever received in the mail?

    S: Handwritten notes from friends. I have a couple friends that like sending handwritten notes for birthdays or otherwise… and whenever I receive one, it makes my day.

    3) What’s the worst thing?

    S: Rejection letters, and anything related to taxes.

    4) What’s your longest running subscription?

    S: The New York Times.

    5) What mail is stuck to your refrigerator right now?

    S: It’s not magnetic, sadly.


    Thanks, Scott! A theme is emerging: Quarterly contributors do not have magnetic fridges. Looks like we need to poll the audience for a new fifth question. (Feel free to suggest one in the comments!)

    You can subscribe to Scott Belsky here, tweet at him here, and check out the remarkable world of Behance here.