1. #NDL04 Recap: Take Flight

    Sure, we’ve sipped flights of wine before; but a flight of lip balms? This was a first.

    In their fourth package, Alexandra and Siobhan of No More Dirty Looks mailed subscribers a whole tasting menu of chapsticks, natural as always, tasty enough to eat (Ed. note: Don’t eat!) and a whole lot fancier than the drugstore stuff we grew up with. They also added a natural makeup remover, just ‘cause they’re nice.

    Here’s an excerpt from their letter, plus some shots of the contents. Like what you see? Grab their next package.

    Have you ever had an Internet crush? Of course you have: You see someone’s Twitter updates and something about their tone tells you they’d fit in well at your next dinner party. That’s how we met Adina Grigore, the Brooklyn-based founder of Sprout. She was fond of us, we were fond of her, but we’d never met, and we’d never used her products. Then one day a package came in the mail…

    For #NDL04, we went with a single brand. We picked two of our favorite products from Adina’s very simple line——every product has five or fewer ingredients——because they cover your bases and because they’re a considerable upgrade on what you’re already using. That’s our hope, anyway.

    -Alexandra & Siobhan