1. Kenmore as Canvas: What’s on Your Fridge?

    Where do you keep your best mail? If you’re like us, it’s not on the hall table or in some designated slot. That’s where bills and catalogs live. No: the mail we care about—postcards from friends abroad, $2 birthday Hallmarks and fancy wedding invites, even the occasional cursive letter from an email-challenged grandparent—always seems to end up on the fridge. Taken together, these pieces add up to a distinctive collage that tells us a lot about our life. We’ve turned the blank slate of the humble Kenmore into an artifact in its own right, full of texture, color, and personality—and all wedged precariously under not enough magnets.

    And so we pose the question to you. What does your fridge look like? How did it get that way and what does it make you think about? Drop us a fridge pic here or on Twitter—@Quarterly—along with 140 or less on its contents, and we’ll repost our favorites. Happy cooling.