1. 'Style Girlfriend' Launches on Quarterly

    Megan Collins’ style blog has a simple but distinctive twist: It’s a guide to menswear from a women’s perspective. 'Style Girlfriend' is a great concept, not to mention a popular read in the Quarterly office. And it’s taken off this fall: Megan has recently been featured on GQ, the Huffington Post, and several other sites.

    With her wealth of practical (and affordable) tips, we thought Megan would be the perfect debut Quarterly style contributor. And today, that wish comes true. Style Girlfriend is now live on Quarterly!

    The great thing about an #SGF subscription is that anyone can sign up: not only men who want to look sharp, but the friends, family, and significant others who wish they’d stop wearing gym socks with dress shoes. Which makes it—ahem—a pretty great gift. It’s the holiday season, folks. Lend the bootcut boy in your life a hand.