1. #NDL10: A Truly Special Trio

    Take a good look at the photo below. What do you see? Not a lot, you say? Just three basic bottles that wouldn’t be out of place in a laboratory? Exactly.

    No More Dirty Looks——longtime curators now prepping their 11th box(!)——don’t go in for bells and whistles. Their philosophy skews toward the simple and streamlined: products that pull off tough beauty tricks without a lot of fuss (or hard-to-pronounce ingredients).

    Which brings us back to those three bottles. Anti-aging marketing is everywhere in the beauty biz, but often isn’t backed up. These products from Marie Veronique are different. The company was founded by a former chemist, and runs clinical trials to support its anti-aging claims——a big deal for a natural outfit.

    Subscribers got a trio from MVO’s Pacific line: Pacific Mist, Pacific Face Oil, and Pacific Serum. And what they got next were results: this combination has been proven to reduce fine lines by 30% in a month and a half. 

    Natural products + hard science = you win. Get your own stash of clean products that really work by signing up for #NDL11 before it closes!


  2. #NDL09: Your Hair-Care Arsenal

    Even if you’re not into advanced beauty regimens, there’s one part of your look you probably fuss over every day: your hair. Unfortunately, a lot of the products you’re using to get that perfect glossy mane may actually be counterproductive. In #NDL09, Siobhan and Alexandra sent their personal hair-care arsenal: a set of tools for unlocking the potential that’s naturally in your locks.


    "Ten bucks says you don’t wait till your next vacation to start using these amazing Rahua Jet Setter products." –No More Dirty Looks 

    The box kicked off with the Rahua kit shown above, which enticed Siobhan and Alexandra with its lovely scent, then won them over with its performance. Next was Lulu Organics Hair Powder——a dry shampoo that works without all the common cakey side effects. Last up was one of the best-looking hairbrushes we’ve seen, a sustainable and anti-static bamboo model from Olivia Garden.

    Want more natural beauty weapons from the No More Dirty Looks team? Get in starting with their 10th box!


  3. 5 Questions for No More Dirty Looks

    If you started thinking about the ingredients in most nail polishes (and removers), you’d start to bite your nails. So in their latest package, Siobhan and Alexandra of No More Dirty Looks came up with a true mani–cure (sorry, bad pun): a Czech Glass nail file, RGB nail lacquer, and nontoxic Priti NYC polish remover pads:


    In short, it was another perfect example of the NDL mission: to share clean beauty products that actually work. We caught up with Alexandra and Siobhan to find out more…

    1. Q: How did you come up with the idea for #NDL07?

    NDL: OK, stupid answer first: Have you looked around on Instagram lately? Girls’ nails are amazing right now, so to inaugurate the summer and welcome the trend we decided to pair up with our favorite nontoxic nail polish line, RGB, and send out some playful brights. We’re also obsessed with glass nail files. They’re more hygienic, precise, and they’re non-disposable. Plus, the one we picked had this sort of throwback sunset smear of fluorescent orange and yellow. Think Ocean Pacific sunset T-shirts from the ’80s. To top it off, we included nail polish remover that doesn’t wreck your nails or your brain cells (trust us, this is hard to find). It might be our most popular package yet. The other answer, though, is that our pals Nora and Zach at Quarterly are really collaborative, and we came up with the idea together.

    2. What’s the best thing you’ve ever received in the mail?

    I’m sentimental, so I’m going to go with wedding invitations, flowers (if that counts) and thank-you cards. I love getting all three. These are things an email can never replace.

    3. What’s the worst thing?

    My credit card bill.

    4. What’s your longest-running subscription?

    As a magazine editor and junkie, I read about 10 magazines every month, but since I love the ritual of going to the newsstand, I actually don’t subscribe to that many. That said, I’ve subscribed to the New Yorker for more than a decade. My Bon Appétit subscription, which was a gift from my friend Anna, is a monthly delight.

    5. Which other Quarterly contributor intrigues you the most?

    Don’t make a girl choose! OK fine: Coolhunting’s and Wander’s. The former excites the aesthete in me, the latter reminds me I like to go places.

    Thanks, Siobhan and Alexandra! Want fewer dirty looks in your life? Start your subscription with #NDL08.


  4. #NDL06: Clean Classics

    With so many natural cosmetics now available, it’s easy to find non-toxic items that you’ll never, ever use. But what about the classics? Lipstick. Mascara. Can the clean versions match their “conventional” counterparts?

    In their latest mailing, Siobhan and Alexandra of No More Dirty Looks admit that mascara has long been their kryptonite. "Mascara is without question the one thing clean girls admit to ‘cheating’ with—and we did too, for the longest time. It’s difficult enough to find a good ‘dirty’ one."


    But this story ends happily——for them, and for #NDL06 subscribers. The pair did find that mythical clean mascara——it’s called Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural——and they shipped it off with a classic-but-clean lip: Vapour Multi-Use Lip and Cheek Stain in Impulse 209. 

    Want more great natural beauty products from No More Dirty Looks? Signups close in just 2 days!


  5. #NDL05: Wake Up Glowing

    One of our favorite things about the No More Dirty Looks packages is the way they turn tiresome routines into joyful rituals. Have a tendency to flop into bed and hope for sleep? Back in #NDL02, they sent a range of Zzz-related products that made hitting the hay as calming as it should be. And for #NDL05, they did something similar for the mornings.

    Calling this their “Wake Up Glowing” package, Siobhan and Alexandra sent an invigorating scrub and exfoliating sponge, a natural face oil, and a freshening “luminizer”——the kinds of great products that make even the morning grind something to enjoy.

    Here’s an excerpt from their letter, and a few shots of the package contents. Curious? Grab their next mailing.


  6. #NDL04 Recap: Take Flight

    Sure, we’ve sipped flights of wine before; but a flight of lip balms? This was a first.

    In their fourth package, Alexandra and Siobhan of No More Dirty Looks mailed subscribers a whole tasting menu of chapsticks, natural as always, tasty enough to eat (Ed. note: Don’t eat!) and a whole lot fancier than the drugstore stuff we grew up with. They also added a natural makeup remover, just ‘cause they’re nice.

    Here’s an excerpt from their letter, plus some shots of the contents. Like what you see? Grab their next package.

    Have you ever had an Internet crush? Of course you have: You see someone’s Twitter updates and something about their tone tells you they’d fit in well at your next dinner party. That’s how we met Adina Grigore, the Brooklyn-based founder of Sprout. She was fond of us, we were fond of her, but we’d never met, and we’d never used her products. Then one day a package came in the mail…

    For #NDL04, we went with a single brand. We picked two of our favorite products from Adina’s very simple line——every product has five or fewer ingredients——because they cover your bases and because they’re a considerable upgrade on what you’re already using. That’s our hope, anyway.

    -Alexandra & Siobhan





  7. A Quick Look… at ‘No More Dirty Looks’

    At Quarterly, we believe stacks of boxes are an art form in their own right.

    Here’s NDL04, looking like a Frank Gehry project in the corner of our office.