1. #F5205: Picnic with Class

    Amanda and Merrill of Food52 are masters of the kitchen. But in summer, a kitchen isn’t always where a foodie wants to be; stoveside laboring in June isn’t quite so pleasant as in January. The great outdoors, however, beckons. #F5205 was aimed squarely at picnic season.

    The box featured jamón ibérico, a connoisseur’s aged Spanish ham——made from black Iberian pigs——that pairs perfectly with summer wine (they suggested sparkling white or chilled Fino sherry). Amanda and Merrill also added a recent discovery: MyDrap tear-off linen napkins. They explained:

    What happens when you cross convenience with class? When we go on a picnic or eat outside, we don’t want to resort to paper towels, but we also aren’t going to bother with a good linen napkin that can get stained or lost. Now we have our secret weapon.”


    Want more tasty treats, plus kitchen gadgets that actually work? Grab #F5206 in the next two weeks.


  2. #F5204: Calming Your Kitchen

    A lesson we’ve learned reading Amanda and Merrill of Food52: Half of being a serious home cook is making your kitchen a more Zen place. In #F5204, they sent a trio of items to make your kitchen cleaner, healthier——and downright calmer.

    The stars of the package were Barkeepers Friend, a legendary cleaning product that revived Amanda’s pots, and a handsome Japanese charcoal filter that’s 10 times cooler than your Brita. They also added an artisanal Brooklyn lip balm in wintry Old Fashioned flavor. 

    Here’s an excerpt from their letter, and some shots of the package contents. Curious? Pick up Food52’s next mailing.

    "This charcoal filter stick will filter a pitcher of water naturally, and it looks handsome, too. Japanese Oak is burned at a high heat and cooled rapidly to produce the charcoal; its porous texture captures impurities in the water while also infusing the water with its minerals——all relationships should be so simple and beneficial!" 





  3. Announcing the “Q” Mailings—Curated by the Quarterly Team

    Back in December, Quarterly tried a little experiment. We created a limited-edition trio of holiday packages (one each in Food, Art, and Exploration) and did the curating ourselves. We hoped “Best of Quarterly” would be a hit, but no one in the office guessed how popular it would be: We sold out of every single package in 2 hours.

    Turned out, the Quarterly team could curate. Who knew? And we loved it so much, we decided to make this thing official. Today we’re excited to announce the first installment of the “Q” mailings: boxes thought up and assembled by the tasteful folks at Quarterly HQ.


    The first “Q” mailing features Food and Home items and gets the hashtag #QFH01. It’s the one to subscribe to if you love Food 52 and Veronica Belmont. Over time, we’ll be rolling out mailings in seven categories, with the second one slated to drop in just a few weeks. 

    Unlike Best of Quarterly, these aren’t “greatest hits” packages. They’ll be stuffed with original items that our contributors haven’t sent before. And they’ll function just like standard contributor mailings: as ongoing subscriptions shipping every quarter.

    Be an early “Q” adopter by signing up for #QFH01 today. And stay tuned for more “Q”s to launch. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


  4. #F5203 Recap: Mastering the Holiday Meal

    It seems to happen every year: You spend weeks planning a perfect holiday dinner, and 30 minutes before your family sits down at the table, the bird is underdone and your brain is overcooked.

    We kind of suspect those kitchen mishaps never happen to Amanda and Merrill of Food52, but they’re nice enough to play along. Their latest package, #F5203, was all about the holiday roast, and it featured some great tools (and even better tips) for mastering the big meal.

    Here’s an excerpt from their letter, and a few shots of the package contents. Curious? Grab their next mailing.

    "The holidays are our Super Bowl, and we’re in full-on prep mode. We figured you might be, too, so we wanted to let you in on two tools that are essential to successful roasts, turkeys, and sauces. This ball of sturdy cotton twine comes from Kaufmann Mercantile, one of our favorite sources for household goods. Catamount makes beakers and all manner of lab tools——and for some reason, they also make an excellent gravy separator.”




  5. #FAR01 and #F5203 See the Light

    We’ve been packing like mad at Quarterly HQ this week, prepping the first box from the travelers at Wander (#FAR01), and the latest from Amanda and Merrill of Food52 (#F5203). Before we sealed them up in cardboard, we gave them one last hit of sunshine.

    A close-up from FAR:

    A dose of F52:

    Both boxes ship out soon. We hope they’ll brighten a dark fall day!