1. #QTA02: Little Things for Big Trips

    It’s so often the little things that can make a big trip. A pair of loafers that slips off easily at security. A shampoo bottle that fits in carry-on and doesn’t leak. A way to quickly identify your bag amid all the other black rollers.

    Well you’re still going to have to buy your own shoes, but on the others, we’ve got you covered. In #QTA02, we focused on the small stuff so you wouldn’t have to. Here’s the haul:


    That’s a sharp toiletry kit from travel experts Flight 001; a beautiful Moleskine luggage tag; and a full set of travel-sized products from Malin & Goetz (use them once and you’ll never go back to the 99-cent bin at Walgreens). Because we hate to see a great trip soured at the airport.

    Get more goodies for your travels and adventures starting with #QTA03——signups close this week!


  2. #FAR03: Uprooted

    When you travel, you place yourself in a new environment. You pick up your roots from one place, and you set them down in another. On a really transporting trip, you even seem to step outside of time.

    In #FAR03, Keenan and Jeremy of Wander got philosophical about travel, exploring themes of time and setting. For chronology, they included the beautifully analog Monthly Measure timekeeper. And for a literal change of climate, they featured a hand-blown glass terrarium and ionantha air plant. 


    Handsome, easy to care for, and resilient enough to adapt to almost any environment, an ionantha plant is the perfect houseguest. We suggest you invite this pair into your new terrarium and watch as their life unfolds day-by-day.” 

    Get in on the trips (literal and figurative) by signing up for #FAR04. And for a great intro to Wander’s work, check out Days, their new visual diary for the iPhone.


  3. 2 New Subscriptions Launch: Poketo and #QTA

    We’re ending February on a high note at Quarterly: We just launched two great new subscriptions!

    The first is Poketo, a curated collection of design objects and beautiful home items. The Poketo motto is “Art For Your Everyday”——they’ll send you artful pieces you can actually use and keep.


    And once you’ve got your home wares on lock … get ready to leave the house. Our second new subscription, #QTA, is all about Travel & Adventure (the ‘Q’ means it was curated by the Quarterly team). Our office is full of inveterate travelers, and #QTA mailings will be stuffed with our own favorite trip tools.

    Grab #PKT01, #QTA01, or any of our many other great mailings today.


  4. #FAR01: Timeless Tools

    We’ve got a passion for all things analog at Quarterly——so we really loved the first mailing from Jeremy and Keenan of Wander. They wanted to feature classic objects that modernity hasn’t improved upon.

    With a Holga camera, 120-format film, a classic Blackwing pencil, a custom journal, and some of the loveliest tape (yes, tape) we’ve ever touched, they certainly delivered.

    Here’s an excerpt from their letter, and a few shots of the package contents. Curious? Grab their next mailing.

    "For #FAR01, we’ve selected a set of tools we prefer to their digital equivalents. Introduced in Hong Kong in 1982 as a mass-market camera for the working class, the Holga’s low-cost, plastic construction yields images displaying a range of distortions that have become one of the camera’s most endearing features. The images produced by the Holga exemplify the French phrase ‘jolie laide’——they’re beautifully ugly”





  5. #FAR01 and #F5203 See the Light

    We’ve been packing like mad at Quarterly HQ this week, prepping the first box from the travelers at Wander (#FAR01), and the latest from Amanda and Merrill of Food52 (#F5203). Before we sealed them up in cardboard, we gave them one last hit of sunshine.

    A close-up from FAR:

    A dose of F52:

    Both boxes ship out soon. We hope they’ll brighten a dark fall day!